The company HARIZMA offers several kinds of hosting:

Virtual hosting.
Prices from 5.-Ls.
  • Space on hard disk 5Mb-2Gb
  • MySQL, Postgres, Firebird
  • PHP 4,5
  • Python CGI
  • FTP
  • Email
Rent of servers серверов.
Prices from 70.- Ls per month
  • Dedicated servers in Germany
  • Unlimited traffic (after 2TB, channel is cut to 10Mbit)
  • 100 Mbit channel
  • Server brands from Celeron to XEON
  • Windows / Linux
  • Dedicated servers in the USA
  • Fixed traffic of 100Mbit
  • Unlimited traffic at dedicated 10/20/30/50/100 Mbit channels
  • Server brands from Celeron to DualCore DualXEON
  • Windows/Linux
All servers are offered under administration conditions (Linux). Administration price is from 50.- Ls per month. You can check the details of administration conditions by contacting us.


Riga, Latvia, LV-1046
Zalves 45-14B

Phone: +41-435085644